Our injection plant based in Rubí, Barcelona, has 23 injection machines (mono and bimaterial) ranging from 20 to 850 tons with distribution of our products to Tier 1 and 2 international customers. We always seek to guarantee the best service for you and your customers. Garsoplast collaborates with companies specialized in the design and development of molds, as well as chrome plating of plastic parts.
We work in partnership with Satis Coating in Alicante, a company dedicated to chrome plating specialized in automotive parts in mono and bi-material with a wide variety of finishes. We also collaborate with Infinique for the manufacture of injection molds, ensuring experience and technical capacity from its plant located in China. You can trust that the more and better qualified team is working for you.


Manufacture of plastic injection molds for multiple sectors

For the production of large volumes of parts there is nothing better than a plastic injection mold. Make as many pieces as you need in a single cycle. Injection molding offers multiple advantages:

  • little labor
  • repeatability
  • high toleranceal
  • most no waste is produced and you can work with a wide range of materials, among other advantages.

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The best technology in injection of plastics at your service

The injection of plastics is a simple and efficient way to manufacture pieces with geometric shapes of high complexity. We have the necessary technology to offer you a high quality result, fitting exactly what you need.

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From injection mold to chrome. We offer a comlete service.

In Garsoplast we have the human team, the experience and the necessary technical material to offer you an integral service. We follow the highest quality procedures in chrome to offer you an optimal result.

For this reason, we have a strategic alliance with Satis Coating in Alicante, a company specialized in chrome plating. We offer the best solutions in bright chrome, satin, black and much more.

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